My equipment

It seems like quite a few people are curious about the setup I’m using to record binaural soundseeing tours. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend using the rig I hobbled together because it picks up the sounds inside my mouth and upper digestive tract. Check out the binaural mics at instead.

But, since you asked…

  • Recorder: iRiver 799
  • 2 mono to 1 stereo jack adapter: Sony PC-239S (no doubt Radio Shack has something that’ll do the same thing.)
  • recording earbuds: Sony ECM-TL1 (two of them)

There’s picture of the monstrosity here.

At home I use a Plantronics DSP-400 headset and Audacity. The noise canceling mic works great. If I were using an el cheapo mic, the racket my PC makes would practically drown out my voice. And the headset came with a CD full of excellent software, which I unfortunately lost long ago.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

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  1. Can you explain to me how this setup works? I thought the iRiver didn’t have an input, so how do you get this set up to work?

    (asking because I got similar hardware and trying to get it to work myself)

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