Podcasting Behind the Wheel

Just driving and talking to myself. I thought I made another recording right after this one of my wife and I talking in the car in Japanese, but for some reason it was ten minutes of silence. It’s not easy (or safe) to mess with recording equipment while driving.

This will make you laugh, guaranteed.

Oh, how I wish I could put this video on my iPod.


Here’s an idea for a podcast: Have listeners send in recordings of their children laughing. This one’s my contribution. It’s my wife tickling Andy 2-3 years ago.

Another painful episode

To be honest, I’m cringing as I upload this piece of shit. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to need therapy to work through this. Perhaps the shock of a near-death experience would help put things in perspective. Is there an award for “Most Neurotic Podcaster?” You know those dreams everyone has about being in a crowd and discovering you’re not wearing any pants? That’s what this is like.

But I am really happy with how the videos have been turning out. When nobody is around, I watch them over and over.

And here’s a bonus recording for diehard fans. On the way home I tried to re-record this morning’s episode, but I liked it even less and ended it with an f-bomb. You’ll have to download it manually because if I make a link to two MP3s in one post my RSS feed will barf.


OK, I’m going to press the “Publish” button now.

Here I go.

1, 2,

Two steps forward, one back

No joke: Trying to kick the procrastination habit is harder than quitting smoking. It’s like how one cigarette leads to another, then another… Wow, imagine how tough it would be to try to get hardcore procrastinators to not just sign up to a support group, but also to attend more than one meeting.

Anyway, I recorded this one while driving.

Update: I didn’t realize the upload prematurely crapped out. Sorry about that. If you re-download the MP3 you’ll get the whole thing this time.

Movie theater and mall photos. Clicky here.

Last Night’s Leftovers

Saved my own butt. I recorded a short one last night after finishing work but didn’t get around to uploading it. See, when I got home, the PlayStation controller jumped out of the drawer, stuck itself to my hand and wouldn’t let go. By the time it finally gave in, I was too traumatized to have anything more to do with computers.

Then today I pulled a 12 hr. shift, but I can’t complain because the boss was already there when I arrived and was still there when I left. I don’t know how he does it. He’s a really good guy. But as I was saying, I was too tired to record, so here’s last night’s attempt.

Today’s Recording

Ya’ll must getting tired of me ripping on my own podcasts, so I won’t. Just let me say that putting out a recording I really want to redo is downright painful. Under extreme duress, I’m limiting myself to one take. Spalding Grey used to record, listen to and critique his soliloquies over and over until he had them down just right. To me, that’s the proper way. As you might guess, I can spend weeks doing that, and I have to stop. Or at least cut down.

I do like the last two videos a lot, though. I’ve watched them over and over and made my family watch them too.

Penalty shot

I skipped yesterday, so I’m penalty kicking myself.

A long time ago, shortly before I grew enough balls to start this podcast thing, I was amusing myself with a karaoke track, Audacity, and a $5 computer microphone. Tony came in and did what he does best–acted like a pest. It was just what the track needed.