Introducing Arthur

Arthur is a weekly book and educational toy series. Every week we buy a new piece of him. (This week he gets his left lung and his voice box, I think.) Someday I’d like to meet a preteen kid who can hold a camera still for more than an eighth of a second. But Andy loves being on camera. He’s going through an “Here, I’ll hold the camera for you,” stage now, and it started with this clip.

MouthCam(TM): My Commute

Today the train I switch to on the outskirts of Tokyo was just slightly more crowded than usual. I was smashed into the people sitting down, and someone’s briefcase was wedged into my ass. But overall, I’d say this shows a typical commute.

Lunch run to convenience store

Now that I have a mobile phone that takes decent video (320 X 240 @ 15 fps) I’ll try to put out crappy little videos more often. I envy vloggers like Richard Bluestein, the man behind Madge Weinstein’s makeup, who can put out any old video and not be self-conscious about the quality. I want to be more like him. Or her. Whatever.