A Walk Around the Neighborhood

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Just walkin’ and talkin’. I mention John Rosemond (expert on parenting) , undokai and Ani-Zoo.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

6 thoughts to “A Walk Around the Neighborhood”

  1. Glad you are ok. Head stuff is strange, since things often don’t manifest for a few days. Hang in, and take it easy.

  2. Another symptom of head injury is a seizure. If it is just a one off occurence you are fine, but if it occurs again, it is best to go to a doctor because that could be signs of epilepsy.

    I really like your idea of the Japanese element part of your podcast. I can’t wait to hear it. BTw, did you manage to fix your computer problem yet?

    1. My sister used to be a police officer, and she developed epilepsy from a few too many head injuries. You’re right, they’re cumulative, and it doesn’t take too many boots to the head to cause permanent damage.

      Last week was a 3-day week (off Monday & Friday) so I haven’t had time to mess with my PC in Tokyo yet. But thanks to the utility you recommend, it looks like two different graphic drivers get used depending on whether or not there’s a USB PCI card attached.

  3. $ for Helping people: Maybe a fee to reimburse you for any work you do, plus a royalty/percentage of his sales caused by what you did. If he gets filty rich, you get clean rich. 🙂

    Do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike? (No sympathy if you don’t.) Who pays for your new front wheel?

    cool conversations with andy! do you ever speak Japanese with the boys?

    Thanks for the culture exchange.

  4. This is my belated comment for the car accident you had last September. First thing, it’s always good idea to wear a helmet. Although it’s uncommon and not required legally in Japan while compulsory some places in the North America, please protect your life not only for yourself but also for your family. What really pissed me off while listening to this podcast of yours was, as I agree with you, this cop and the driver thought it the most important to do the paper work rather than make sure you are absolutely free from any potentially fatal injuries. Those morons actually violated the traffic rules. As far as I know at least in Canada, the traffic rules stipulates the parties involved in a traffic accident are, first of all, obliged to ensure the safety of everybody in the accident. I know that the traffic rules in Japan are established on the no fault on the pedestrian under any circumstances. This imposes administration of the first aid for everybody potentially injured. I would have filed a formal complaint to the local police commission for an issue like this serious nature. Anyway, please be safe for your wife and kids.

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