This was recorded in October of 2003 on my Clie. I have tons of these. Someday when I’m old and grey I’ll listen to all of them again.

All Partied Out.
The blanket he’s holding is named “moo-an.”
MemeshiMemeshi, now world-famous.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

8 thoughts to “Bedtime.”

  1. Almost makes me wish I had kids… almost.. It is cool how they seem quite interested in learning english stuff with you. My sarcastic view would think that the same age child in america would want to get back to the playstation. Though that is my non-kid having biased view.

    1. The recording is two years old. These days, they want to play PlayStation right up till bed time. Maybe if I play the recording for them they’ll start wanting to do it again.

  2. This was a great recording, really brought a smile to my face. Actually surprised how good Tony’s english is even at that young age. Kind of curious to see what “memeshi” looks like though…

  3. Loved it – most talented kids in the entire world – except for my two other gandchildren in PA. AND – kids in US don’t all play playstation constantly – we still read books before bed and scratch backs and tell ghost stories. Thanks for “sending” it to me, even if it took you a few years.

  4. Is that little mouse the one someone in the Giant supermarket gave Tony – the elderly gentleman had won it in a game machine? Wonderful if it was – I think I remember he was not all that thrilled with it at the time……if we could just know what would pull on their little heartstrings before we buy it.

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