New Strategy: Shittin’ ’em Out, Part 1 of 50

Right. So I’ve come to the conclusion that the anxiety I’m feeling over podcasting isn’t going to disappear. In fact, it’s putting up quite a fight. It’s as if I’m shadow boxing and taking a severe beating. Is that the most embarrassing way to lose or what?

Anxiety won the last match hands down, so I’m taking a different strategy. Self-help gurus would call it, “Feel the fear, but do it anyway,” but I prefer the mantra, “Hey anxiety: Eat shit.”

Like it or not, I’m going to shit out the next 50 podcasts in 50 days. Short ones, about 10-15 minutes each. They might or might not have anything to do with Japan. If they stink, they stink, but over time they’ll improve. I have get over the idea that every performance has to be spectacular, otherwise I’ll continue to accomplish nothing and drive myself even more nuts.

Oh, how I envy people who can drivel, babble and spew their way through episode after episode and not feel the least self-conscious. For me, this is a real challenge, like someone who’s deathly afraid of getting into an airplane deciding to take flying lessons. But it’s our neuroses flaws as much as our strengths that make us interesting and unique, right?

It’s time to start kickin’ fear in the nuts.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

13 thoughts to “New Strategy: Shittin’ ’em Out, Part 1 of 50”

  1. Hey Rob,

    Let this be the first of 50 great casts. If you find it hard to get motivation, look to other people. It is hard to cast by yourself when you have to create the content, random interviews or bringing over friends or family can off-set the need to always be the creative person. The video cast with your son and the soft drink was great and so simple. Keep up the good work and we will see you at the end of 50 days/casts.

  2. nice job on #1 of 50. even though i don’t podcast, any blogger can understand how it can become difficult to “keep it fresh.” how about more soundseeing tours? i love hearing the sounds of tokyo.

    1. I want to do more soundseeing tours. I’m trying to think of somewhere interesting to go that won’t be a major deviation from my daily stomping grounds.

  3. I’m glad you’re back Rich! hehe ^^, “Hey Anxiety: Eat shit.”
    You are a humble person, and I think that is what makes your podcast so appealing…
    O.K., glad to hear you’re doing well…

  4. Hey, your first Podcast of 50 didn’t stink at all.
    I really enjoyed it.
    I also use my Video Ipod on my long train ride home.
    You really forget your on the train.
    I actualy have been watching DRAGNET and ADAM 12 on the Ipod.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself…one of the great things about podcasts is that they’re not professional…they’re a slice of someone else’s life.
    I really enjoyed this new format. Really, 10m a couple times a week is a lot better than 1h every month.

      1. So podcasting is AA?

        I know what you mean, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy what you put out there and thank you for doing it.

  6. thats a excellent way to get over the fear of it though, and become more comfortable.

    in my speech class in college, our prof would give us a topic, 30 minutes, and then we would stand up and give a ~4-5 minute speech. and we usually did like 3 or so in a row.

    anyways, once you start shitting them out fast, it gets a lot easier and it loses the tension it once had

  7. 4 hour commute is killer! I can literally hear your life force draining as you podcast. Soon you will change into a full blown salaryman zombie. Otsukaresama.

  8. Man, keep on shittin’ them. Getting 50 of them in 50 or so days will only be a pleasure for I never thought they were flawed at all.

    Herro and another J-cast KobeBeef were the motivations for my podcasting. What’s funny about this is how in my life this has gone full circle. I started casting listening to you. And I used to record my casts while on my 35min walk to the trainstation. Now you need motivation and are recording while finishing your commute. Circle of podlife.

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