8 thoughts to “Philosophical Bullshitapalooza”

  1. Rich, glad to hear you are progressing toward a solution w/sleep issues! W/regard to accident apologies: many insurance companies in the US instruct you: “do not admit to fault” – just reflects the institutionalization of our defensive tendencies. This just makes me curious about prevelence of stress related illnesses in Japan vs. elsewhere (then again, it may not be that much different if people are internalizing blame rather then projecting). Anyway, as always, I am continue to enjoy your podcasts!!

  2. I just loved the Groundhog Day comment . . . . . it’s scary when I think of how many of those days I lived in Japan . . . . .

  3. I guess I have you to thank for my recent trend of letting the little things slide. I have quite a few people help “teach me patience” in the past couple of days and it felt great to realize how much better I felt afterwards. Thanks Rich!

  4. Great point about trying to not to get angry at the certain things and people. Thanks for reinforcing it.

  5. Super podcasting. just talking about anything that is informational is just great. anger management was good, and good info on handcapped support.

  6. must remember some of this stuff bout anger… I got REALLY peeved off at some of my class mates who played the under 21 sound (or the sound they were thinking about puttin into malls to stop rats), I am 19 and I can hear it from across the class room and they were playing it almost constantly threw out the 3 hour lesson which made me get a MAJOR headache (I was temped to take panadol, or get some of my dads Disperine Fort(SP?) (both pain killers, Althought I think the panadol doesn’t work very well or just doesn’t work very well compared to the Disperine Fort(SP?)) and I ended up yelling at the class… 1 because I was in pain, and 2 its the last lesson before te test and I REALLY needed to get some of the stuff and I couldn’t concentrate… AND THEY WERE doing it on purpose. (Also had fantasies about what I would do to there phones (which is what they were playing them on) how far up will it take for a phone to break… hahahahaha…. )

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