6 thoughts to “Podcast for Feb 6, 2006”

  1. I notice from time to time on your trek to work, you catch the ‘cawing’ of some kind of bird. It sounds pretty loud, it’s gotta be a pretty big one! I was curious if you ever see them as well as hear them. Love the sweeping soundscapes you get while walking by the park. Keep the sounds comming!

      1. Rich I think you are referring to the beastly large ravens that seem to be everywhere in JP – crows are much smaller and have a more coarse sound if memory serves… Keep up the good work!

  2. Just a general suggestion that probably wouldn’t be too hard to implement at all. I listen to your podcast on shuffle mode, so after an episode is done another pops up at random, and it’s rarely the next one in sequence. I’m reluctant to stop using shuffle because i switch between music and podcasts pretty often and it’s a pain to keep having to visit the settings. As a result, what i usually do is simply stop listening about a second or two before the podcast actually ends. Now i know you can’t squeeze much in one or two seconds, but i’d like to hear them too anyway, just for a sense of conclusion. Perhaps what you could do is leave the recorder recording for another second or two after you’re actually done?

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