How I Became a Lifer

For someone who hardly ever talks, I sure talked a lot tonight. I found a printout of some questions someone e-mailed me back in January. Did I already answer them? If I did, did I give the same answers this time as last time?

Someone is going to mention this, so I’ll do it first. You know, I, like, you know, say “you know” too much. You know? Chances are you already know.

Let’s make it into a game. Wherever you are when you listen to this episode, every time I say “you know,” punch a random bystander in the face. Send me photos of the hilarity that ensues, and the person with the best photo will win a prize.

Obadiah Parker

Methlab Production

P.S. Wow, so far 90 people downloaded the 200MB hires version of Tony’s vlog. That’ll make him very happy. And I’ve only used 2% of my Dreamhost bandwidth. Merely a flesh wound. What surprises me the most is that it means I have at least 90 listeners. I only ever imagine around four, and that’s including my mother.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

12 thoughts to “How I Became a Lifer”

    1. How about that, my father is the ultimate fanboy. I’m glad to know you’re watching the videos. I’ve been making them with you in mind all along.

  1. You’re not nearly as bad as my boss who tends to finish every sentence with “know what I mean?”. The funny thing is that it’s contagious and you’ll catch other people saying it after he’s stopped by to talk to them, know what I mean?

  2. I have a classmate who ends every other statement with “like, you know, kind’a… yeah!” Well, considering, you’ve already put up the same video for the iPod, the people who do download that bigger one are probably the hard-core listeners. I’d say they make up 20% of the total listener population. Realistic estimate?

  3. I decided to put down my roots here in on a small island in Okinawa after going back to the States and wondering after 2 years…what was I thinking!!! Now I am married …a D.I.N.K. but am still torn between 2 worlds…after first coming here 13 years ago…not quite as long as you Rich P. but about the same as Pa Kun…Patrick Harlan…LOL

    Thanks for rehashing your raison d’etre for being a lifer…from someone still going crazy!

  4. Hi RIch, I am a photographer that is moving to Japan at the middle of next year, I was there this year in January and would love to help out with your music Ideas and help the unknow artist to put their work out there if you are interested let me know

  5. Rich,
    It is great to hear from you again. Be at your own pace.. it is free for all of us listeners to just leave you on our RSS feeds and be suprised when there is a new episode.

  6. Nice podcast! See, people like your podcast even when not every single component is perfect. The not so good microphone (or is it the new iPod software?) doesnt make it uninteresting at all. So there is more to it than just those outstanding binaural recorings I suppose.

    You said when you have to look up kanji you don’t know in a paper dictionary, you have to use radicals? Can you explain what radicals are? some kind of basic forms?

    oh yeah, I don’t want to brag, but you did mention me, didn’t you? :p

    ps. I don’t know how to express myself in english very well. I don’t really know the ‘feel’ some english words have to them. So please understand me the nice way. :p

  7. I just started listening now and you haven’t podcasted for AGES! I would like to hear more. I notice that Obadiah Parker have now taken your advice and have appeared on iTunes.

    Thanks Rich, good luck with everything!

  8. I just started listening now and you haven’t podcasted for AGES! I would like to hear more.

    If only I could pay the bills by podcasting and videoblogging, life would be wonderful. I’d do it more often, too.

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