Last but not least, a Podcast

Music by:

  • I’s CUBE (Like them? Yes? No?)
  • Some guy playing outside of Akabane station

Wanna see the chumbucket?

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  • I forget what the third thing was…oh yeah! Gimme some money. (How could I forget that?)

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

8 thoughts to “Last but not least, a Podcast”

  1. I Found your blog and podcasts for the first time yesterday and I’m glad I did.

    As someone who dreams of one day visiting Japan (once I finish up at university and get some money together) your blog has re-enforced the facination I have for the country. Your story of the elephant and the tent peg was brilliant, the peg holding me back being that I keep telling myself I will start studying to speak Japanese but never have time to keep it up.

    I’m about to fill in the survey you mentioned in the podcast so a link to the chumbucked would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    oh! Loved the music too!

  2. Loved the ending music!

    Here in Okinawa, there are lots of Banyan trees ,too. Only we call them “Gajimaru”.


  3. hello. long time listener first time commenter. I would like to see the chum bucket. I filled out the survey but I don’t know how to prove to you that I did. let me know.

  4. I can barely speak a lick of Japanese, but I thought I’s CUBE sounded very good. I liked them the last time RIch posted them, too.

    And I’m listening to the sermor right now. Yes, you’re right. I suck… though the spike that stopped me from dieting and losing weight was a double ear infection. I’m working on it again, though.

  5. Hi. Not sure you remember me. My tent peg may well be the same as yours, except for a few subtle differences that are inevitable. I’m only 19, and there’s so much i haven’t yet lived. Personally, it helps for me to think differently about my flaws. So much has happened since the last time i wrote. I’ve come to realise how much my own flaws contribute to my character, not only the negative traits, but the positive ones as well. The only reason why i’m so friendly and kind and ridiculously patient with everything and everyone, sometimes i feel, is that i desire so much for human acceptance. I’ve always been one never alone but always lonely. I could look upon this as selfish and insincere. My intentions are irrevocably self-serving. But even if they weren’t, would that make me effectively a better person? I’m not so sure. This is who i am, and i’m not necessarily proud of it, but i would rather be a flawed and good person then one perfectly well-adjusted but unable to appreciate the existence of others. Your situation probably is not so much the same. But i think you’re really very brave. Despite all the things you say about being afraid to publish imperfect podcasts, the fact remains that you subject yourself to walking in public, Japanese public no less, and i’m very familiar with the Asian perspective, being one myself, talking to yourself, casually, as if to another person. I could never do that. Maybe it’s a different kind of courage. But we can’t all be perfect. What context would our thoughts have left, if they had no uncertainty to grapple with? I truly admire you, not to the level of a hero, but certainly that of an exceptional fellow human being. Few others would care as you do.

  6. Oh yes, i forgot. I completed the survey ages ago not knowing what it was for, and i’ll be linking to this blog once i get mine ported to WordPress in less than a month. 😀

  7. hey rich

    it has been a long time since i tuned in to hear you … i am more into listening than reading or seeing and … well, i was going through some difficult times last year and you seemed to be going through some stuff around then … so i left you for a while. i listened to this podcast tonight … only 2.5 months after you made it … and i must say … i missed you! i think that your microphones are your xray specs or something … they give you the superpowers to podcast with confidence. now wipe those toad comments from your brain and listen to the 500 good ones … isn’t it 501 by now?
    😀 what i am saying is … listen to the masses rather than those little voices in your head. that is called busiminditis and it affects many of us. currently it is 4.52 am in my time zone and my ‘busy mind’ hasn’t let me go to sleep yet. put on the mics and go do more podcasts!!! i miss you and was really disappointed to not find more podcasts from you. i missed hearing about the kids and life … didn’t you cook once? perhaps i am mistaken. anyway, just wanted to tip the scales at 501 in favour of the good voices. thanks for all the great podcasts.

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