Lunch run to convenience store

Now that I have a mobile phone that takes decent video (320 X 240 @ 15 fps) I’ll try to put out crappy little videos more often. I envy vloggers like Richard Bluestein, the man behind Madge Weinstein’s makeup, who can put out any old video and not be self-conscious about the quality. I want to be more like him. Or her. Whatever.

How to Open a Bottle of Lamune

There’s something about camera lenses that make little boys go completely apeshit. Between their seizures of goofiness, Tony (“Booger”) and Andy (“Goofball”) demonstrate how to open, drink and disassemble a ラムネ bottle.

This took an unbelievably long time to edit. I either need to stop being such a perfectionist, or learn how to be a faster one.