Lunch From Hell

We ate at a new Chinese restaurant where all the main dishes on the menu was too spicy for my boys. They tried their best to eat it anyway.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

10 thoughts to “Lunch From Hell”

  1. I never laughed so hard before in my life. I felt so bad for them too. They really looked like they were suffering there hehe.

  2. Andy’s reaction after his first taste was perfect–subtle yet to the point. The trick to making it funny when editing, and I don’t know why this is true, is to end the cut right that second and jump immediately into the next thing, not giving the viewer any time to let it sink in, so the first few seconds of the next edit can’t be important to the story because the viewer will be too busy laughing.

    Andy has such an expressive face when he’s being natural. And he has a lot of the same emotional sensitivity I had when I was his age.

  3. a year in the making! your kid’s reactions were priceless, I imagine they loved watching this one

  4. Rich that could be a form of child abuse in USA… thanks for posting this; you know I was waiting eons and eons.

  5. Child abuse would probably be making them have the #3 Kalbi Soup at yakiniku. It’s an abuse of the organs and I love every minute of it…except the last one.

  6. smoking in a car with kids in it will soon be child abuse, and swearing in front of them I think already is, err in California.

  7. Classic – the looks on your kids faces says it all, and the bit where tony? is going to put water in that dish of noodles is hilarious.

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