Rambin’ In Akihabara

Bah. I didn’t realize I recorded in mono until I got home. Sorry for all the wind noise. Need to do something about that. I should try to make shorter podcasts from now on.

Show notes:

  • Photos I took during the podcast
  • Photos of Akihabara on flickr.com
  • Laox home page. Pretty typical-looking site for an electronics store in Japan. (Butt ugly.)
  • The lapel mic I used. Model AT9830. (Interestingly enough, there’s a Russian model AT9830 too. She looks like the Grinch in a blond wig.)
  • I mentioned Kappabashi, a neighborhood of Tokyo with stores that sell restaurant supplies, including plastic food.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

15 thoughts to “Rambin’ In Akihabara”

  1. That’s one way to look at it. When you try new things and take risks, sometimes you fail. Personally, I’m afraid of failing in front of others, which is one of the main reasons why I’m literally forcing myself to do this podcast. My podcast won’t be perfect, and it will occasionally suck, but whatever criticism I get won’t kill me, and little by little I’ll get better.

    The last DSC was definitely a dud, but at the same time it was a great example to others of what not to do. And it’s good to see he’s falliable and human like the rest of us. In a way, it makes him more likable.

    1. I did some filtering to minimize it. Unfortunately it also wiped out a lot of quieter sounds when I was in the toy store.

      I just implemented threaded comments here. I’m testing it.

  2. Good stuff, as always. Enjoyed your little tour there. I love how you can do these long podcasts and find moments where you can laugh.. it’s nice to hear that you find life/yourself amusing. I do, too.

  3. I agree with your comment on Adam’s DSC, and I hope you feel your Podcasts are not dull. His was dull because I was with him in my mind going up and down the friggin’ elevator, while with yours I’m walking through a neighborhood I’ve never been in. Always love to see a new podcast up.

  4. What was the word you used with the station guy? When you were asking about the noise….
    Chotto “kurona?” shitsumon desu ga…
    Excelsior is a fancy version of Doubtor. Same company.

  5. I really enjoyed this podcast! And I disagree with whomever you quoted in your last podcast that said they just wanted to hear the background noise. I like the narration.

    Also, I had a thought about your hayfever. I teach English (5 years in Taiwan, currently in Hawaii) and most of my students are Japanese. Today, in sociology class, we were talking about climate change. I was told that because of overly warm summers, pollen production the last few years in Japan has been really, really high. They said like 10-15 times. So.

    Anyways, I’ll definitely be joining the ranks of the podcasters once I’ve returned to Asia. In the meantime (and after) I look forward to yours!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. P.W. Fenton from Digitalflotsam was the one who said he wanted to bask in the ambiance. I knew what he meant, and it didn’t mean “shut up,” but he was nice enough to later clear up what he thought was my misinterpretation of what he meant.

      Hey, I’m all for not talking much. It would be whole lot easier to make podcast where I don’t have to say anything. But when I listen to my own podcasts I feel like I should talk more, because I can picture where I was and what was around me, and I realize that the audience can’t.

  6. I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying your show; and encourage you to keep putting them out there. I lived in Japan for a year and a half back in ’97/’98 and enjoyed the soundscapes, and your commentary.
    I’m trying to put together using my new iRiver H340, and you’re an inspiration for me to follow. Best of luck. Keep putting them out there.

  7. hello how are you the tour was nice me as a blind user i like this since i have never gone to japan in my life any ways keep it up. by the way can you email me richard if you have skype since i like making new friends.

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