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  1. Von: podestrian@gmx.de
    Betreff: Hello frrrom gerrrmany
    Datum: 18. April 2005 19:30:21 MESZ
    An: noreply-comment@blogger.com

    Konichiwah Rich-San : )!

    Thank you for your comment.
    So I´m the first podcaster in the world with a comment of an world-wide known podcaster even without one of my podcast be published!

    Until now I´ve recorded 3 podcasts. My problem is that I cannot decide which provider I will use to create the rss-feed.
    In Germany podcasting is an absolute unknown technology, only used by freaks and egomaniacs…um…and me ; ). Even my wife, who is a I-know-everything-about-this-damned-internet software-designer for an mayor world-wide logistic company, never heard of it befor and so did her collegues.

    Here, in difference to the mobil-telephone-nations USA and Japan, it´s also, let me say it with a neutral word, unusual to walk around and speak with one self. Soon friendly man will go beside you, leading you more or less violently into some kind of funny-farm.

    One question: can you send me the link to `motokado the lizard`? This music will be a nice tool to get rid of unwellcome visitors and ending up a party at the time I like.

    In the end : be amused but generous about my kind of school-learned-but selldom-practised-written-english and never lose your creative power for your great podcasts.

    Greetings from germany

    P.S.:…mhmmmm… suddenly I´ve got the interesting idea of making an english podcast…perhaps about a`schnitzel and sauerkraut`-restaurant ; )

  2. Hey Rich.

    I’m very interested in these mics, but how do you know if your device has the ‘plug-in power’ function that they need to run? I’ve never heard of that before and don’t know if my MD came with that.

    Guess I better research the model number…

    Do you know of any binaural/earbud mics that don’t require your device to power it? Thanks.

    1. MD players typically require plug-in power. Check out the URL in this post. They also sell an external power whatchamacallit for US$45.

    2. Ignore, I have discovered that it does have plug in play and have ordered them! whee! As soon as I get ’em, soundseeing tours will occur!

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