Podcaster (not me) Fired for Podcasting

Nate from the Nate and Di Show got fired for acting like an immature moron in church and podcasting it. This was posted by Di in the Podcasting News Forum last week:

Apparently, folks here in the bible belt do not appreciate our strange sense of humor. Our trip to church on episode 5 apparently caused quite a stir in his office. Without warning, Nate was summarily released from his job today because someone we trusted at his company sent his boss a link to the site earlier this week. Nate was told our behavior on the show does not reflect the company “image”… even though we do it in our free time, not at work, and we never even mentioned where he worked. Anyhow, he was offered a severance package, so he really can’t discuss the details about the company, but we will hopefully survive for awhile, at least until he finds a new job. Most of our shows are just plain goofy, nothing to get that offended about(we think), but some people are so uptight down here that it’s ridiculous.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in order to receive the severance package he had to give up the right to sue the company. No doubt he was scared stiff when the shit hit the fan and wasn’t thinking straight.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

One thought to “Podcaster (not me) Fired for Podcasting”

  1. Herro there, thought we should drop in. We noticed you were sending a little traffic our way- We appriciate that.

    Nate was actually perfectly rational durring his exit interview, and did not give up any rights. Will we sue the company? No. It’s not worth our time. We are looking forward to bringing you even more of our crazy hijinks at http://www.nateanddi.com, so make sure to stay tuned…

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