Gravity: 1, Andy: 0

Andy thought it would be fun to ride my bike. I’m 192cm (about 6’4″), he’s not. It went like this:

Tony: Daddy, how much was your bicycle?
Me: I don’t remember, somewhere around ¥60,000-80,000. Why?
Tony: Because Andy just crashed it.

He’s at the hospital now getting stitches in his chin.

An Open Letter About James Yellowlees

One of the main reasons why I stopped blogging/podcasting/YouTubbing was because James was pressuring me to use Herro Flom Japan to market his companies. I couldn’t say no and I didn’t want to say yes, nor could I be truthful about it, so I quit. This is a big part of why I’m finding it hard to get started again. I don’t want to talk about it, but I can’t avoid it either.

My former employer, James Yellowlees, owner of Global, Pacifica Consultants and the Canadian Education Alliance, J-Sports hockey announcer and university lecturer, is trying his best not to pay my back salary.

I’ve discovered that I’m far from being the only one who James has bilked.

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Lightning strikes!

Last night while the rest of my family was at a soccer match, lightning struck about 100 meters from our house and blew out our TV, VCR, Wii, phone, wife’s PC and fried the network card in my PC. Luckily the fridge, washer and air conditioners were spared.

On the bright side, with nothing left to have fun with and no money to buy replacements, maybe our kids will start reading books.

My good deed for today

I’m supposed to blog when something interesting happens to me, right?

This morning as I was passing through Shinjuku Station, I saw a woman take a dive down a short flight of slippery stairs and lie crumpled on the wet ground with a quickly expanding pool of blood under her head. (That freaked me out.) I’ve lived here long enough to know that you can’t assume someone else is going to help so I rushed down her, tore off my headphones (and my glasses–oops), grabbed a towel from someone who pulled one out, knelt down and held the towel to her head while resting her neck on my thigh.

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Squid Chips


It’s Friday, I’m starting on my way home and I was hungry for a snack so I bought a bag of tempura fried squid. They look like potato chips or some other salted carbohydrate snack. Apparently, if you’re not eating them, they don’t smell so nice. I was eating them out of the bag when I got on the train and instantly all the women around me covered their faces with their handkerchiefs. One woman moved to another part of the train. I took the hint and twisted the bag shut until I got off at my stop then ate the rest in the open air.

Next time, I’ll wait to get home to eat them. Tony likes stinky food so we’ll eat them together.