Goin’ to Work

I have to make this quick because I’m meeting the family at Tokyo Disneyland today. I filmed my commute to work yesterday. The file isn’t any bigger than any of the MP3’s I’ve posted.

Would you like to see more of these? Yes? No?

Also, I’d really like to be able to call Herro Flom Japan an “Award-Winning Podcast.” Could you please nominate me for a People’s Choice award in the soundseeing category? I’ll mention it on my next podcast too.


Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

13 thoughts to “Goin’ to Work”

  1. Rich,
    Great Video! I knew the inner streets were tiny, but WOW! I think Americans would have a hard time adjusting to life in Japan!

    Thanks again, and yeah… I voted for you!

  2. Oh BTW,
    Yes I’d like to see more videos, the Binaurals are great and would love to hear more, but the videos are cool too!

  3. That was quick! I just posted the video not ten minutes ago.

    Honestly, I don’t notice how narrow the streets are. To me they’re normal-sized.

  4. Video was very cool. Definitely interesting to watch and see what everyday life is like there.

  5. The video was cool, but I must say your last podcast was hilarious. I love how you play these guys who try to bring customers into the sex parlours.

    1. But I’m nice about it. I didn’t include a conversation with another Nigerian guy I talked to the same night who seemed grateful to have someone friendly to talk to. Our conversation was almost as long as the entire show that I put together so I cut it.

      Many of the Chinese women on the streets are also nice too. Most of them are here to study Japanese and giving massages is just a way to make money–lots of it, apparently. I’ve talked to a number of women who were college grads. It’s a lot easier to talk to another foreigner in Japanese than it is to talk to a native speaker. Less self-consciousness too.

  6. So cool to get a video tour! Thanks for sharing. I feel like i have been on a short trip. I noticed how uniform & orderly everyone was in the subway. It was also very quiet. Please do more. How about going to the grocery store? That would be entertaining.

    1. Good idea! I’ll give it a try. I know that some of the bigger chain stores are paranoid about people photographing/shooting video inside. But if I get caught, no biggie. It’ll make the story more exciting.

  7. I’m amazed you found my posting about your show so fast. I really enjoy the show especially the karaoke segment you had recently. I’m sorry but I just had to play that on my show….


    1. No need to apologize. Even though it was me singing, I still laugh every time I hear it. I found the reference to my site in Technorati.

  8. You know ! If you go to “video.google.com” select “playable video” and query for “videocastthis VideoCast is the only thing coming up has a result !!!

    eXtreme way to get notice !!!! =D

    See it for real here !!

    … You’re, like, the first Videocast on Google Video !!

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