Japanese Headbangers RAWK OUT

Name: Maria
Sex: Who knows? (lol)
Birthday: May 24
Occupation: Dream chaser
E-mail: beautymaria@ezweb.ne.jp
Height: 178cm
Weight: I’ve recently gained weight
Hobbies: singing, cosmetics
Special skill: vocal range
Hairstyle: rainbow
Favorite words: beautiful, Maria
Personality: extremely narcissistic, extremely selfish
Favorite Food: thick, juicy steak
Least Favorite Foods: shrimp, squid, octopus, crab, all shellfish
Favorite Drink: melon soda
Least Favorite Drinks: sake, shochu
Favorite Book: I hate reading (lol)
Favorite Perfume: One I have at home, I forget what it’s called (lol)
Favorite Sport: practicing vocals
Favorite Animal: Hamu Taro
Favorite Pastime: street performing
Favorite Karaoke Song: I sing my own songs (lol)
Dream for the future: to mobilize 1000 people without ever having to set foot in an office. That and to sing at the Budokan