A Video Tour of Roppongi

I can’t believe there are nearly 300 subscribers to this…thing. What’s wrong with you people? I mean, I can understand why my friends and family like this stuff, but the other 295 of you? TV and radio programming must be pretty awful if you’re coming here for entertainment. Whatever. I’m glad ya’ll enjoy it. It’s fun for me too. This is like being famous, but without the burden of having to keep track of my millions.

Tonight I started off at the Hobgoblin pub in Akasaka because I was thirsty for Blackthorn cider. Afterwards I turned the camera on myself while I took a little stroll through the neighborhood but…well, you’ll see. It didn’t go so well, so I walked to Roppongi where I had a bit more fun. Then I went home. The end.

I have to apologize to the blind guy who left a comment here a week or two ago. I’ve been meaning to put a podcast together for you. I hope you don’t feel left out. How about if I just e-mail you the 50 or so hours of unedited audio I have saved?

Thanks to everyone who filled out the questionnaire. The results are interesting. I like feedback way more than votes. But votes are kind of nice too. If you happen to be at Podcast Alley voting for other shows you like, heck, you might as well vote for me too while you’re there, right?


Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

17 thoughts to “A Video Tour of Roppongi”

  1. Yet another Great Videocast!
    Com’on Rich… The Mailbox wasn’t the only thing of interest… The Nigerian guy was funny as hell!

    Thanks again for an entertaining walk through the streets of Japan!

    1. I felt bad for pissing him off. I was trying to think of something to say to make him laugh but couldn’t think fast enough. When he asked, “Do you know me?” I wish I had replied, “The REAL question is, Do you know yourself?” But he had three really deep vertical scars on both cheeks, which to me meant, “Don’t fuck too much with this guy,” so I ended the conversation.

  2. Rich,

    Love the videocast yet again! Keep kicking up the irreverence and honesty. Hassling people on the street, pawning yourself off as a movie start, and talking about insects shooting lasers out its ass. Brilliant!! I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing when I come to Japan after only studying for a year (well except for the laser out the ass stuff). A true inspiration. ばんばってください.

    PS. Kind of a bummer to see TGI Friday’s and McDonalds (of course) out there. Grrrr. Anyway, catch ya later.

    1. Don’t worry about the typo in Japanese. You made one in English too so it all evens out.

      Truthfully, I don’t mind seeing US companies in Japan. It’s interesting to see how they adapt to the cultural differences. I should do a show about that, come to think of it.

  3. Rich – Love the work. Your perspectives in and about japan are amusing, entertaining, informative. I hate to say this but… da da da da da! I’m lovin’ it. Or Ruvin’ it?

    I know you’re probably a busy guy… but the people want MORE!

    Take it easy –


    1. You flatter me. And you allude to a McDonald’s commercial I’ve never seen. I’ve noticed the “I’m Lovin’ It” posters in McDonald’s. The English was correct and vernacular, so I assumed it was a global marketing campaign.

    1. Interesting you should mention that. I’ve been thinking about doing a show having to do with Lost in Translation. Either videocasting the locations or talking about what was accurate and what was overdone.

    1. Falo, mas não muito bem. Estudei português por um ano na universidade. Falo o espanhol muito melhor do que o português.
      Provavelmente, falo espanhol melhor do que falo japonês.

  4. Great show Rich, I found it fascinating. And this really is a public service for a guy like me that never leaves the house.

    I thought the sun glasses were working for you. I was buying it.

    And I’m thinking you may have misinterpreted the Nigerian. My theroy is that he had amnesia and you looked familiar to him.

  5. I love the video’s…..you are doing a FANTASTIC job. I realize they are a lot of work but believe me they are appreciated!!!

    By the way the sunglasses were working…you definetely looked “tough”.

    take care

  6. If I can shoot video in a 7-11 without getting kicked out, I will. I’ll have to do it with a higher resolution camera so the labels can be seen.

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