What to do with Tony & Andy?

I’ve finally gotten my boys interested in video. Tony’s been checking his viewer stats all weekend, hoping to surpass the 800+ hitcount of Andy’s video. There’s no telling how long they’ll stay interested, but they both want to start vlogging. I’d rather they play with video than video games, seeing as how the former is not only more social but also a skill that could benefit them later in life. Spielberg started making movies when he was quite young, so who knows?

The thing is, their world is rather small so it’s mostly just them running around the house. In addition, their video is rather raw (backlit and motion sickness-inducing) and they don’t seem too interested yet in vlogging in English.

What are your thoughts? Should I continue putting their videos in the main feed? Should I create a sub-feed the way my main feed is currently spit in to podcasts/videocasts/everything? Should I create a completely new blog & RSS feed for them?

Instead of subtitling their videos, it would be much easier for me to do a director’s commentary kind of thing. Which way seems best?

  • Put the video audio in the left channel, put my simulaneous translation in the right. That way you can pull out the plug of your earbuds just a bit, listen to it in mono (try it, you’ll see what I mean), then rewind and check your comprehension with the commentary.
  • Publish each video twice, the second one with a voiceover.
  • Do the voiceover as a separate podcast, with extra commentary explaining what’s going on so I can finally stop alienating the blind listeners who used to enjoy my podcats. I feel really guilty about that, you know.

Maybe I’ll do one of each and we’ll see which way works best.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “What to do with Tony & Andy?”

  1. Hey Rich,

    I think it is very cool that your kids are getting into video. Hopefully it isn’t a fad they give up on to early. It will help them I feel not just socially but also make them feel more comfortable doing things alittle outside the norm. Hell if they really get into it, they could be the next big thing on the net once. You never know.

    If and when I have kids and if I get into a suitation like you have, I think I will be really proud.

  2. I agree with Brue Moyle, it certainly is nice that your kids like shooting video! Maybe it’s good when they get acquainted with it early because, uhm, well, it just makes them more knowledgeable! They learn to use video equipment a lot earlier than other people back in the days. It is progress, I think 20 years ago or something most kids didn’t even know about making videos but now your kids do. I guess when you start early, you have more time to become good at it.

    The small world of the kids is propably part of the appeal of their videos now. I think it will definitely expand their horizon since they will get acces to all kind of things they never knew before.

    Their world will get bigger as they grow older and I think that looking at the world through a camera lense will give them a different point of view of the world around them. Seeing the world through a camera puts more distance between you and the world around you, so you will get a better overview of it. A too narrow vision on things doesnt help one understand other people.

    ah hell, what do I know about it..
    What I am sure about is that it will stimulate their creativity.

    To me, putting their videos in the main feed is fine. Maybe later you can make them an own blog/feed.

    I think publishing each video twice is the least good solution. Doing the voiceover as a seperate podcast seems best to me, especially because of the “extra commentary explaining what’s going on”! And hopefully it will be a little like your podcasts again! (good thing too for the blind listeners).

    The kids like making videos right? on top of that it is porbably benficial to their development(?), so why not!


  3. I think that it will be a good idea that you start them off on your blog, so to build up the audience interest. Then once people are hooked, put them on their own blog.

    As far as the decision about subtitling/dubbing goes, I think that subtitling is best. I love listening to Japanese, I hate dubbing. The way you did with Andy was good.

  4. Its good to see that your back with Videos, I just checked my itunes and noticed that you had some new videos. I really enjoy watching them, Im half japanese, so for me to see your boys it reminds me of me and my brothers. But we are the opposite, English first Japanese 2nd….I like the Subtitles, I like it when you add your extra (subtitles)comments to what others say.

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