Japanese Headbangers RAWK OUT

Name: Maria
Sex: Who knows? (lol)
Birthday: May 24
Occupation: Dream chaser
E-mail: beautymaria@ezweb.ne.jp
Height: 178cm
Weight: I’ve recently gained weight
Hobbies: singing, cosmetics
Special skill: vocal range
Hairstyle: rainbow
Favorite words: beautiful, Maria
Personality: extremely narcissistic, extremely selfish
Favorite Food: thick, juicy steak
Least Favorite Foods: shrimp, squid, octopus, crab, all shellfish
Favorite Drink: melon soda
Least Favorite Drinks: sake, shochu
Favorite Book: I hate reading (lol)
Favorite Perfume: One I have at home, I forget what it’s called (lol)
Favorite Sport: practicing vocals
Favorite Animal: Hamu Taro
Favorite Pastime: street performing
Favorite Karaoke Song: I sing my own songs (lol)
Dream for the future: to mobilize 1000 people without ever having to set foot in an office. That and to sing at the Budokan

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

11 thoughts to “Japanese Headbangers RAWK OUT”

  1. Try looking at him a different way. What can you learn from the way he lives his life, his dreams and his opinion of himself? Out of all the people who were gathered there, when he stopped to hand out “chirashi” for his upcoming one man live performance, I was instantly hit with the realization that he was by far the happiest, most outgoing person I’ve come across in a long time.

    On the chirashi he wrote, “People have various reactions to my kamikyoku. (神曲) Some people thrash their heads along with the music, others listen while holding their ears. Either way is fine with me.”

    Whatever it is you do to express yourself, some people are going to thrash their heads along with you, and others are going to hold their ears. But the question is, are you able to be the person you truly are and want to be and love yourself for the unique individual you are, despite what anybody else might think? Do you get discouraged by criticism and ridicule, or do you value the people who are inspired by and look up to you for whatever your God-given unique skills are? Do you even dare recognize your own skills? His ability to sing in a four octave range gives him an enormous sense of pride, no matter what anybody else thinks.

    I’ve watched this video over and over, and every time I laugh out loud because it’s so over the top outrageously horrible, and because the reactions of some of the people in the crowd are hilarious. But at the same time, I look up to him. He’s found the secret to a happy life that escapes so many of us who worry too much about what others might think if we dared to comfortable in our own skin, take complete control of our own destiny, create our own happiness, and show our true selves.

    Maria is a subculture in and of himself, and he warmly welcomes anyone who wants to join. That takes a huge amount of courage and confidence.

  2. By self destruction I mean to implode your feelings .
    When I was in Tokyo I saw a girl with self-mutilation scars on the entire arm, Maria remind me her.

    “Maria is a subculture in and of himself”
    I think is necessary to have some escape from reality.
    In that case it is not a self destruction of a person.

    “what anybody else might think?”
    It only matters what ones thinks of it’s own life.

    The philosophy is good but the sound is bad.

  3. I agree, between the sound being so bad and how happy he was to make it, not just me but a lot of people were laughing out loud. And the head thrashing breaks with his partner was hysterically funny. Maybe if I had a better camera with me at the time the humor of the whole situation could have been conveyed better.

    I have to admit though, above all I envy how free he lets himself be. I don’t think he’s hurting anyone, including himself. In his own way, he’s living the present moment to the fullest.

  4. My ears hurt now… e.e;;;;

    But it is hilarious that he’s so happy to do that… And not ashamed…

    But it’s as they say, whatever floats your boat. That is not my idea of happiness… I’d go cry in a corner afterwards, because someone would have had to drug me to have me do that. But at least he has a little groupie or something..

    One is more than none.

  5. His music was so unfathomably horrible I just had to share it with everyone. That song, on the scale from awful to good, wrecks the curve so badly that Celine Dion now falls in the same deviation as the Rolling Stones.

    I think if there’s a song that could be possibly any worse, it would have to be something played on a chalk board with a garden rake.

  6. I wish my commute took me near Shinjuku station more often. I’m guessing that’s Shinjuku from the white wall along the back where they are doing eternal construction.

    Thanks for sharing this Rich. I think you’re right. People just need to have the guts to live a little more. For what little time I’ve been here,bBeing in Japan has definitely made me realize that.

  7. @Christopher: The last thing I expected was for someone to say, “Thanks for sharing that.”

    Man, I would love to do a mini documentary on his life.

  8. Wow… This really is the worst music I’ve ever heard. From what I could see everyone but the guy laughing early in the video seemed polite. Maria could easily start a new genre of music called “Terrible” where the whole point is to create anything you want with no rules, no musical talent, and to sound as awful as humanly possible.

    Can I expect to see more acts like this on the steets of Tokyo? I’m looking forward to my stay Oct 25 – Nov 2nd.

    Bryan Campbell

  9. @Brian: You’d better look me up when you get here, or I will hunt you down and kick your ass.

    I have to say, although I’ve said it many times and in many ways already, Maria’s was by far the worst performance I have ever witnessed. And for that I’m grateful. If you find another anywhere near as bad while you’re here, consider yourself lucky.

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