For the women out there: All you need to know about men

You’ll, ah, want to listen to this with headphones. The people around you might not be as in tune as you to the deep and profound wisdom in the message.

I can just picture all the people in the control booth and behind the cameras, completely speechless. Maybe you can tell, but I have the utmost respect for people who can willfully and proudly expose themselves as complete basket cases in front of a large audience. They have a sense of freedom I can’t even begin to imagine possessing myself. If I were to somehow unload like that on TV, I’d have to live under a pseudonym and move to another country…oh, wait.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

14 thoughts to “For the women out there: All you need to know about men”

  1. What Maria the androgynous street performer is to music, that woman is to relationship advice. I’m completely awestruck by her rant.

  2. There’s someone who definitely needs to flee the country and hide under a pseudonym – the producer of that show.

    That was the hostess on that rant? Haha!

    My favorite part is the immobilized-by-obesity, late middle-aged woman sayign she had to be careful of men and was going to stay “prayed up.” Instant classic! Jesus will protect you from Penis Power!

    Rich, I’m not even going to ask how you came across that. I kind of have to take a piss, but I’m afraid of what might happen once I unleash the penis to the open air.

  3. My finding that video was a message from God reminding to stay way from batshit insane women, and to keep my fire-breathing almighty penis tucked away in my pants. All I need to do is imagine all women having a rant like that lurking in the depths of their psyche, and I’ll stay faithful to my wife forevermore.

    And the wrap-up was definitely the icing on the cake, from her guest’s feedback all the way through their silent grooving to the cheap porn background muzak. It was like finally being given permission to laugh your ass off.

  4. HAHA…the best part was that I got bored listening and skipped here and there, but every time I slid the video slider it was like “Penises! Vagiiiina! Penises! VaaaagiiinAAh! Jack Rabbit in your vagina?? Clitoral stimuuuulation!! Penises and Vagina…Vagina!!!” And right when the video is about to end one of the women says, “…I ask jesus to keep me everyday” quickly followed by “Vaaaaagiiiiinaaa Pooowerrr”

  5. …I’ve seen a lot of crap…but that ridiculous. How can she take herself seriously? hahaha

  6. I laughed my ass off at this, I think I lost it when she mentioned a jack rabbit bouncing up and down on her clitoris. Also another classic line was when she mentioned how a man wouldn’t even buy her KFC Popcorn Shrimp for 2.99

  7. This was…different. That PREDATOR mode! That was probably the funniest. The rest of it was just…ridiculous. Haha
    Thanks for sharing Rich.

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