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  1. Thanks for sharing this Rich. A lot of the videos I watch from you makes me nostalgic from my time in Japan. Can I be nostalgic for something that only happened a month ago?


  2. Ventura: There’s good and bad in every country, just like there’s good and bad in every human being. If someone were to make a list of only my many faults and shortcomings, I’d seem like a horrible person. Same goes for Japan.

  3. Awesome. May previous job was 1 hour to work and usually 1.5 hours (afternoon) back home, all in a car and highway driving. Do you plan on showing us the trip back?

    Freddie’s last blog post..Video: “Trailer Talk” – Tegan and Sara

  4. First time visitor. “My Daily Commute” was really good! The most interesting thing I noticed was that there were NO VERBAL SOUNDS from people riding inside the trains or from the myriad of people climbing the stairs at Shinjuku Station, but then again, that is most typical of the Japanese.

  5. Great Video, Rich. I recognized the Oedo Line, starting from Shinjuku, heading to Aoyama Ichome. Yes, I remember the old office….. I hope you are fine these days. I moved out of the Nishi Azabu location James is still at, this past fall. I am located in Nakameguro these days, at http://www.mpijia.com

    Come by for a cup of coffee or three, when you are in the neighborhood. Until soon, I hope, Bill

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