Spoils from Costco raid


The only good thing that comes to mind about living a spartan life limited to home, commuting and work is that it doesn’t take much at all to make me happy.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

6 thoughts to “Spoils from Costco raid”

  1. Why is it that beef is not really the main selling meat in Japan? I know their is Kobe beef but you import beef from other countries. Little things please us as we get older 🙂

  2. @Drew: Lavender & Vanilla Downy smells like heaven. I’ve never experienced a smell that instantly makes me happy.

    …Well, there is another smell, but we won’t discuss it here.

  3. rich man! Have you tried http://www.theflyingpig.com/tfp/Shop.ASP ? It’s the best site for those of us over here with no Costco card, or not living near a Costco but are aching for some refried beans or pumpkin pie mix! (p.s. I am from Kirkland, WA, you might recognize the name form the wonderful “Kirkland signature” line of exceptional products available at Costco! how bout that?)

    butt?’s last blog post..I knew it!

  4. hehehe, I love my twice a month trips to Costco in Makuhari 😀

    You gotta love the food court dude, regular NORMAL sized pizza (no corn ftw!!!) and soda cups bigger than a shot glass with free refills 😀

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