Squid Chips


It’s Friday, I’m starting on my way home and I was hungry for a snack so I bought a bag of tempura fried squid. They look like potato chips or some other salted carbohydrate snack. Apparently, if you’re not eating them, they don’t smell so nice. I was eating them out of the bag when I got on the train and instantly all the women around me covered their faces with their handkerchiefs. One woman moved to another part of the train. I took the hint and twisted the bag shut until I got off at my stop then ate the rest in the open air.

Next time, I’ll wait to get home to eat them. Tony likes stinky food so we’ll eat them together.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

5 thoughts to “Squid Chips”

  1. Very interesting snack. What does it taste like? LOL about Tony liking stinky food. I guess that’s what little boys like. 🙂

  2. Sorry, Rich Sama…you have to be kidding…don’t get me wrong, I love Ika, Ika Sumi Jiru, even Ika Sumi Gohan…but those chips are mostly processed shite! Just thinking about eating those …ugghh…They do not do justice to soooo many good stinky Japanese snacks…like こあじ, for instance!!!!!!

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