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  1. I like it better as sashimi…as indicated in Japanese in the photo.
    Went to a restaurant in Kumamoto City a few years back where only horse or, “sakura niku” was served…horse steak, horse nigiri sushi…but the most popular dish was the horse sashimi with onions on the side and washed down with Kumamoto rice shochu! Oishikatta yo!!!!!!!

  2. I tried that once on a trip to Kumamoto in Kyushu. It does taste like beef, but a bit firmer. Might have been the way it was cooked.

    Kevin Wongs last blog post: a rather confounding dream @ [site]

  3. Very popular in France, most of the butchers there have a picture of a horse above the shop.

    I’d rather eat horse meat than frogs legs, though Escargot is OK, except for the crunch. . . of the eyes.

  4. Frogs legs taste like chicken used to hunt them when I was young. You would spot them with a flashlight they’d freeze then shoot them in the head with a bb gun.

  5. I cant believe you people eat horse!!!! Every horse needs a life to live just like man himself. If you were the horse and the horse was a man how would you feel if it made you starve get shot, skinned , and hung upside down so they can get the blood into the blood tank. I bet you have no idea how it feels. Horse Lovers in the world are trying to stop the horses pain. But you dont believe that horses have feelings. You can eat the cows what more do you need next you probably are going to go to the kualas and parrots and more I hope you see what you are doing is not the right thing to do.

  6. Mikayla, I believe that people would rather have the horse fattened up before eating them. Let me ask you this since you seem to be a horse lover. Would you let the horse ride you? And koalas not “kualas” are in Australia. I hope you do not think a horse is an intelligent beast because many people agree that they are stupid, whereas the pig are very intelligent and quite tasty in char-siu form. I would feel more guilty in eating a intelligent pig than a stupid over sized pet for spoiled brats.

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