Remember the Japanese techno/technical track I used for background music a few episodes back? (The one I hobbled together after the accidental vodka overdose.) No wonder I couldn’t find anything about the artist. I had his name wrong. it’s Momoyo The LIZARD, not Motokado. (A guy I used to work with was named Motokado. And he looked nothing like a lizard.) The best way to track him down (“him” meaning Momoyo, not Motokado) is to use Google.

Just don’t mention to him that I used his music without permission, ’cause you’re all just as guilty as I am now. If I go to jail, so do you. Remember that.

SAQ: Seldom Asked Questions (about Japan)


A friend of mine just pointed me to this page. They’re the answers to things you probably never knew you wanted to know about Japan.

And in case you were wondering, I didn’t know the answers either. I probably asked many of those questions at one time, but because I’ve been living here so long I’ve stopped analyzing the differences, or even noticing them. Instead, I accept things for what they are–just like Japanese.

Seriously, when’s the last time you asked questions like that about your own culture?

And now for something completely different

Here’s a story from Iraq you’ve never heard. A friend of mine who’s there just told it to me.

I was talking to some guys from a British Army detachment, and they said early on in the war, while the Brits were securing the Iran/Iraq border near Basra, an American man with a large backpack walked up to them and asked them for directions. The Brits were incredulous. “You do know there’s a war on?”

“No, I’ve been backpacking across Asia now for three years.” the American said, “What’s going on?”

The Brits said they had no choice but to take him as a prisoner of war until his identity could be established. Turned out, he was just some schmuck hiking across Asia. The Iranian border guards must have known there was a war going on, but they didn’t tell this guy anything.

Thanks for the votes!

I don’t mind not being in the top (whatever) podcasts at Podcast Alley, but I just want to say thanks to those who voted for me there. It was a very nice gesture. I’m doing this simply for the challenge and to amuse myself, my family and my friends–not for fortune or fame–so I really appreciate the votes.

I’m very happy for Father Roderick who does the Catholic Insider podcast which skyrocketed to #1 this month. He does a great job and deserves to be there. It makes him very happy to receive votes, so if you like what he does please vote for him.

Here are some other podcasts I think you should check out:

  • Behind the Scenes – if you’re curious about the technical aspects of podcasting.
  • Earthcore – A serialized audio book. I’m totally addicted.
  • How To Do Stuff – You gotta listen to the episode where he got his ass hair waxed.
  • Dailysonic – Totally, totally underrated. My favorite podcast to listen to while I’m stuck doing something mind-numbing at work; it keeps my brain busy.

There are many podcasters who put a lot of importance in their rank. To me, the messages I receive here from listeners matter much, much more. I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. (Unless you’re a blog spammer, in which case you can kind of like go f*** yourself.)

Rambin’ In Akihabara

Bah. I didn’t realize I recorded in mono until I got home. Sorry for all the wind noise. Need to do something about that. I should try to make shorter podcasts from now on.

Show notes:

  • Photos I took during the podcast
  • Photos of Akihabara on
  • Laox home page. Pretty typical-looking site for an electronics store in Japan. (Butt ugly.)
  • The lapel mic I used. Model AT9830. (Interestingly enough, there’s a Russian model AT9830 too. She looks like the Grinch in a blond wig.)
  • I mentioned Kappabashi, a neighborhood of Tokyo with stores that sell restaurant supplies, including plastic food.

Stop. Go read this.

Outpost Nine :: Editorials :: I am a Japanese School Teacher

This is by far the goddamn funniest thing I have read in a long time. It’s written by a JET teaching English in junior high. This guy is a riot, and I can say without a doubt that every word is true. The kids I taught when I first came here are now pushing 30 years old, but they were exactly the same.

I’m laughing so hard I had to take a hit off my asthma puffer. All day I promised myself I’d edit audio tonight, but I can’t stop reading.

The “For Chrissake Just Get Something Out There Already” Podcast

Ah…like…sorry. It’ll be better next time.

Show Notes:

Masagoro’s Website
Take 7

The Godcast Network: Behind the Scenes
The Sound Professionals: binaural microphones
Pictures of the stuff in my rig for binaural recording.

Digital Flotsam Podcast

BoingBoing blog