7 thoughts to “More Tsuribori”

  1. Is tsuribori something mainly for kids? There were older people fishing, but it looked like they had children with them as well.

  2. The videos you make are GOLD. Dont waste any, edit and put all of them online.

    The Music is nice, and it’s a good idea.

  3. @Kyle: People often come with kids, but I see people of all ages there. I’ve even seen couples in their early 20’s, although it’s not the place I’d ever think to take a date.

    I bet after watching this people are asking themselves questions that Japanese never think of, like why and how long ago did tsuribori come about, how many of them are there in Japan, etc.

  4. Singapore has places like this too, albeit usually with prawns instead of fish, and you pay by the hour and get bits of meat for bait. A bit ironic, considering the fish are already captive. Haha.

  5. I don’t know about that one, but the one’s i’ve been to have a very strong fishy smell that i can’t stand.

  6. Hi Rich: I thought I had the tsuri-bori video on my ipod but I lost it somehow. Anyhow, I am in Tokyo now and me and my girlfriend want to go to the indoor tsuri-bori. Can you tell me where it is? We have been waiting for over 2-years because we keep forgetting to go. Thanks, and I hope that you are well.

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