4 thoughts to “Thanks, AdSense!”

  1. Adsense is not the best one.

    Information Exchange…
    What other solutions give more than adsense ?

  2. Take matters into your own hands, Rich. While I won’t post your Alexa or Technorati rankings here, they’re not bad – getting better now that you’re back to posting more regularly, and you have a respectable audience.

    Contact relevant businesses and sell ads directly.

    We’ve started doing that at TPR after putting off monetizing for a long time. We have a very limited number of PBS/NPR-style “supporters,” which keeps the site looking clean by limiting the number of ads and allowing us to control exactly what they look like and allows to make each ad more worthwhile.

    I guess it’s possible to make a decent chunk of change through Google Ads or AdSense, but that often entails making your site look like crap and having to live with the fact that it’s your site, but you’re getting only a negligible fraction of the money being generated through advertizing on your site, which sucks.

    Shoot me an e-mail if you want specifics.

  3. How fruitful is it for us to click on the ads? I noticed on the tsuribori post some fishing related stuff like Bass Pro Shops.

  4. Clarification – how fruitful is it to Rich in $ for HFJ visitors to click the ads? Not how useful or interesting are the ads to us.

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