6 thoughts to “Koga Lantern Festival”

  1. That’s really interesting. I think that would be a cool even to see in person.

    Superb editing.

  2. @Kyle: And to think that I didn’t fuss over the editing at all. It took only one night’s worth of work. (I slept in the office again.) Ever since I shot the video I’ve known how I wanted to edit it, and I recently learned how to do it.

    @Ventura: It’s called Taiko drumming.

  3. superb video! are there many festivals in japan? my impression is that they seem to be a common occurance.

  4. Many, many festivals all year around. I’m glad for them because they break the routine and let you run into old friends. I’m usually the only foreigner I see at festivals in Koga, like the one at Sogo Koen last weekend when I took the flower photos. It used to bother me because I was extremely self-conscious and people used to point me out over and over. It’s not like that anymore, I get treated like a human being instead of a alien life form or a big fuzzy Disney character. These days people pay more attention to our kids because they’re so damn cute.

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