14 thoughts to “Conveyor Belt Sushi”

  1. This reminds me of the night at a kaiten sushiya in Asakusa when I tried shirako for the first time… And, astoundingly, I liked it.

    BTW, I looked over at the Kid’s Art site. Nice Michael Jackson-looking character popping up at bottom left. That’ll bring the kids in!

  2. Oh, now I figgered it out. The ads on your video posts are random… Okay, if you never saw it, an ad for artshowforkids dot com pops up, and they have a little Jacko-looking guy who pops up and hawks children to sign up. Nice.

  3. Oooh.. my.. god.. that looks soooo good! We don’t have anything like that within 100 miles 🙁

    How much per plate? (were the different color plates different prices?)

  4. What was the green paste and the hot water? At first I thought that it might be Wasabi … but seeing as how hot water was added to it, I now have no idea what it was that you were making.

  5. I;m guessing the green paste with the water is a self-serving green tea dispenser, correct? If so, that is pretty darn cool.

  6. This is getting better and better !!!

    This movie is great.

    The music is perfect, where can i get this music ?

  7. How much per plate?

    Between 120 and 500 yen per plate, with most being 240.

    What was the green paste and the hot water?

    I thought it would be so obvious that I didn’t bother explaining it. It’s powdered green tea.

    More Food and Hot Chicks Videos Please.

    Food yes, hot chicks no. I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype of foreign guys being sex-crazed perverts.

    The music is perfect, where can i get this music?

    Good question. I’d like to start selling that CD or help them get set up for overseas sales. I think they have a lot of potential.

    Was that natto on one of them?

    Yes, natto and okra, the world’s two snottiest foods.

  8. is powdered green tea common in Japan? The only time I have ever been able to see/try/find it is back during highschool when I was taking Japanese class. Our teacher brought it in on a day that we did a mock tea ceremony thing. It tasted real bitter compared to the bag stuff that is everywhere (I don’t sweeten with sugar/honey or anything).

  9. Your kids with the straw thing really takes me back to my younger days, though I am still pretty young. Maybe I will take a trip to the nearest family diner and mix together some potions. I have to say, I’m a vegetarian, but that did incite some protestations in the stomach area. Superb editing. I had just watched Kitano Takeshi’s Kids Return, so I was kind of focused on the editing. Good Job!

  10. How much did the three of you eat?!? My wife and I went with three of our close friends and I don’t think we atea that much(to my regret).

  11. I’m proud to say during your visit at Christmas, my two girls taught your two boys the live caterpillar technique with the straw papers. A little Americana to take back with you to Japan.

    Wondering if they taught the boys the armpit farts?

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