9 thoughts to “Tony, Andy & Daddy go Fishin’”

  1. I enjoyed listening to the Japanese on that one. And man oh man… It even made me nervous when Tony was casting while Andy ran behind him.

  2. @Kyle: Yep, this one is for all the people who want to learn Japanese, stuff like, “Tony said that once he thought he farted but actually he pooped.”

  3. Haha now I know how my uncle felt when he took us (meaning my sister and I) finishing when we were their age. He was the same about the hook too. Can’t say I blame him either. Watching that video of your kids doing the same thing we did as kids scared me too heh.

  4. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, I just got to Flordia for Spring Break and it is nice! More video’s! So awesome, thanks Rich!

  5. Its funny how they have the same conversations little boys here have, but half a world away.

  6. I’m from Michigan, so naturally fishing was a big part of my childhood. Curious, is the reel/winding type of fishing rod more common here than in Japan, or is it sort of the type of fishing or whether it is a pond, lake, sea, etc…

    THAT’S FINE! You sounded so frustrated already. But bubbles truly help with the stress. I can’t imagine tolerating kids for long, but your kids seem enjoyable

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