Four Day Weekend, Day 2

On Saturday morning (day 1) I drove my wife to work so we could have the car to go to Navel Park. That was the plan, but when I got home I crawled back into bed and didn’t wake up until the crack of 1pm. I felt refreshed, but guilty for shooting our plans for the day to hell. The kids didn’t mind though, they had their fill of portable, TV and PC games while I was in lala land.

Sunday I was determined to get the kids out of the house to do something fun. As a parent I’m supposed to do that. My wife is a lot better at it though. It was easy to convince Tony to go to Navel Park with me, but try as we might we couldn’t convince Andy to come along. He wanted to stay home and play with his friends, who are a bit nutty but good kids. They think it’s funny to talk to me all the time in a fake American accent. It kind of makes me want to whack them over the head, but I just go with the flow instead.

Tony and I had fun together at the park. We played catch until his arm gave out, roamed around the tunnels below the roller slide, swung on the skyrope, and climbed the rope and log jungle gym. Afterwards we bought lunch at a food stall, checked out the outdoor tsuri bori lake then went home to make sure Andy was still alive. My wife would be really angry if I left him home alone and he got hit by a car or something. But Grandpa was home and so was his friend’s mother so I wasn’t too worried.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

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  1. Off topic but when will you do another post cast on your daily commute? Even the ones that go in the chum bucket I like to listen to.

    Well anyways enjoy the time off work.

  2. These longer and more frequent posts are really great and the pictures are wonderful.

    I agree with Jesse, I have enjoyed every podcast you put out, even the ones where you say that putting it out was painful. some days — this might make me weird? — when I’m having a bad day, I listen to that one where you talk about falling asleep on the train and having to find a bike and cycle home, listening to you talk about that reminds me that we all have bad days, not just me. It makes me feel better every time.

    Kierons last blog post: Why I hate this country @

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