Four Day Weekend, Day 4

In the morning, Tony and Andy played together. In the afternoon, Tony had soccer practice and Andy played with his loudmouth friends. While watching him and his friends play together, it made me realize that Grand Theft Auto is the adult equivalent of smashing trucks together on the living room floor.

Me, I scanned more photos (Tony’s birth, B&W photos from my time at Penn State), drank beer and reminisced about my college days. Out of the hundreds of people I knew back then, I can probably name about 15 now.

I can’t believe I used to go out in public wearing those enormous Harry Potterish glasses. No wonder I never got laid much back then.

Rich Pav

Richard has been living in Japan since 1990 with his wife and two teenage sons, Tony and Andy.

9 thoughts to “Four Day Weekend, Day 4”

  1. The p0rnstash had to help offset the glasses a little bit. Love all the old photos. I have to raid my parents photo albums & get to scanning, if I ever head back to the states. Good stuff Rich.

  2. Aw love the baby pics! 🙂 LOL at your glasses. My father had funny glasses when he was younger too. As my brother would say, “they’re your Austin Powers glasses.” 😉 Are the soccer games there started really early on Saturday morning? I remember going through a soccer phase with my brother and we played for a team on the local YMCA and we had games early! Sometimes as early as 7 or 8am. That’s early for a kid on Saturday! Of course it is better than watching cartoons and gobbling up cereal like Fruit Loops or some sugary stuff. 🙂 Hope everyone enjoyed their four day weekend! 🙂

  3. Oh I forgot to ask: how is grand theft auto four? I’m not really much of a gamer (except the Sims!) but I’ve heard this game is really good. I’m a criminal justice major now in college so this game could give me some good practice lol. 🙂

  4. @Emily: Tony’s games also start at the ungodly hour of 8am. He had to get up at 6am ON A SATURDAY to get ready.

    I’ve never played GTA and never will. The plot doesn’t interest me, and I don’t want my kids playing it. Counter Strike is as far as I go.

    Every photo of me from college that I’ve found I’m wearing those stupid glasses and that cheesy mustache. I shaved it off once back then and really regretted it at the time. Now I wish I had kept it off and wore my contacts more often. I had an earring for a while too, and it didn’t look bad. Lately I’ve been tempted to get one again, but I think my family, coworkers, clients and boss would not approve.

  5. Wow, your college photos drive home the length of a decade. Not even. If memory serves, I graduated 8 or 9 years after you, but knew no one with a mustache and must admit that baggy shorts, beat up caps, and shagginess were de rigeur. Nothing to be proud of, but a lot less embarassing than the late ’80s/early ’90s.

    Garretts last blog post: Name that Station! @

  6. That sucks the games start so early. Is it hard on the kids to get up that early? I would think the games would start at 10 or something so all the kids can get a good night sleep since Friday night I’m sure kids have sleep overs and stuff. 🙂 LOL yeah I like looking of old pics of my parents with their styles of clothing and hair and stuff like that. My father had funny glasses too. 😉

  7. Oh yeah your college photo’s remind me of Jim from the tv show “Reno 911” if you didn’t have the glasses. If you’ve never seen the show you can find video’s on youtube and 🙂 Not sure if that show is over there or not.

  8. And thanks for telling my I look like the gay character in a TV series. As if my self image hadn’t taken a big enough hit already simply by turning 40.

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